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Project Network Platform
Participation and Membership Agreement

Terms and Conditions:
Standard definitions
Platform: Smart Plus Eğitim ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Sti. It is a service offered by (Smart Plus EU)
Participant: The institution/organization/company whose application form has been accepted and has joined the platform.


1. General
Smart Plus Training and Consultancy Services İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. is a limited liability company headquartered in Izmir, Turkey (Mersis No:0772101024100001), and it has brands and operates in the Education Organization, Consulting, E-Commerce sectors. Hereinafter referred to as Smart Plus EU.

With the Smart Plus EU Project Network Platform it has created; It provides services for the following purposes:

​ ​

Smart Plus EU has created a project network in order to enable European institutions and organizations to produce and realize projects more efficiently with qualified partners.

​ ​

Mission of the Project Network: It brings together the institutions and organizations within it to maximize the opportunities of international cooperation in the fields of mutual interest and benefit, to ensure that they gain qualified and reliable partners, and to support the increase of the capacity of producing and realizing projects. In this context; It provides services to platform members in the fields of Information, Consultancy, Seminars, Workshops, Question and answer service, E-mail announcements, Creating Collaborations, Internationalization.


2. Smart Plus EU Project Network membership (Institution/Organization/Organization registration)
User eligibility
The participation agreement is between the participant and Smart Plus EU. Persons making an application for participation on behalf of the relevant organization must be authorized to do so.

Free and paid services
Participation in the Smart Plus EU Project Network is free of charge. For the institutions and organizations in the project network, the services specified in the 1st article; The preliminary service (basic level information and consultancy, free seminars and workshops, question and answer service, E-Mail Announcements, Collaboration Creation) is free of charge, detailed service requests and internationalization may be charged additionally according to the requested content.

Registrations for institutions and/or organizations are valid for an unlimited period of time. Participants can be deleted at any time, if requested on behalf of institutions and/or organizations.

Participation activation starts when the online application is completed. If the participation application is approved, the participants will be informed by e-mail.

Refusal of an institution/organization's participation request
The Smart Plus EU team reserves the right to reject an application for participation without giving reasons.


3. Operation of the Membership accounts of the Participants
Account creation; To create an account, users must complete their profile by providing the mandatory information. A valid email address is required and a password is generated during registration. The e-mail address is used for both login and communication between Smart Plus EU and the user.
The participant is responsible for the accuracy and quality of all information provided, and in case of any changes, the participant's organization must update their data in the member account. Smart Plus EU is not responsible for any content provided by a user.

Ownership of data
The participant grants Smart Plus EU the non-exclusive right to use the content it provides. In addition, the user warrants that he or she has all the rights to the content and is legally authorized to save such content on the Smart Plus EU Project Network platform.
The participant warrants that the content is not protected by the rights of third parties.
The participant also guarantees that the use of the content within the scope of the participation agreement does not violate the rights of third parties and that the third parties give legal consent for the use of the content.

information to third parties
Disclosure Users, account login details or the information they directly obtained as a result of platform membership Smart Plus Eğitim ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti., they cannot disclose it to third parties without special permission.

Smart Plus Training and Consultancy Services İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Sti. All services provided by the company are for registered participants only. Registered each participant is responsible for the confidential use of the content they have access to in the members area. It is strictly forbidden to transmit and transmit data, information, content, etc., especially for commercial purposes, to anyone other than the members' area. Any such abuse will result in the immediate termination of the relevant member's network participation and may result in a claim for damages against the guilty member.

Compensation against claims by third parties
User, Smart Plus Training and Consulting Services İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. from any and all liability related to the requests of third parties, especially in connection with copyright, trademark rights and personality rights violations that may arise from the use of Smart Plus EU Project Network platform by someone else. user. If a user becomes aware that a third party intends to take legal action, they must notify Smart Plus EU immediately. Smart Plus EU has the legal right to defend itself against such third party claims, and the exemption from third party liability also includes reimbursement of any legal costs incurred (or expected to be incurred) by that user at the time of his claim. legal rights.


4. Disclaimer
General disclaimer
While the utmost care will be taken in the presentation of all information and content, Smart Plus EU accepts no liability for the originality, accuracy, completeness or quality of the material contained on its website. Smart Plus EU is not responsible for any damage caused by the use or inability to use the information on the website. Smart Plus EU assumes no liability for the content of external links. The provider of the linked site will be solely responsible for illegal, incorrect or incomplete information on its site, or for damages resulting from the use or unavailability of the provider's website, or the use of incorrect or incomplete information.

Content disclaimer
All content on the Smart Plus EU Project Network platform is subject to change and without any liability. Smart Plus EU reserves the right to temporarily or permanently change, add, delete or stop broadcasting the pages or the entire site without prior notice.


5. Privacy Policy and privacy
Privacy statement
The content provided by users will only be used for the purpose of the Smart Plus EU Project Network platform as described in these terms and conditions and according to the legal framework (European General Data Protection Regulation).

Privacy of user content
All content related to registered users will be handled by Smart Plus EU in absolute confidentiality both inside and outside the network. The user has the following rights according to KVKK and European GDPR regulations:
– Right of access – Right to erasure
All claims and requests regarding data protection and storage can always be directed to:


6. Copyright
Reproduction or use of texts, photographs or other materials in other media, electronic or otherwise, is strictly prohibited without the express permission of Smart Plus EU.


7. Dispute resolution
In the event that an amicable settlement cannot be reached, any dispute between the contracting parties regarding this participation and membership will be decided by the Izmir Courts of Turkey. The contract will be governe
d by the laws of Turkey.

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