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Smart Plus EU Project Network

Smart Plus EU has created a project network in order to enable European institutions and organizations to produce and realize projects more efficiently with qualified partners. Our team participates in various EU projects and manages this networking platform.

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Mission of the Project Network: It brings together the institutions and organizations within it to maximize the opportunities of international cooperation in the fields of mutual interest and benefit, to ensure that they gain qualified and reliable partners, and to support increasing the capacity of producing and realizing projects.


You can add your institution or organization to this network by filling out the form below.

*It is free to join the Smart Plus EU Project Network.

**Submitted applications will be taken into the evaluation process. If the evaluation result is positive, it will be included in the project network. Additional documents may be requested during the evaluation process.

***Submitting the application form means that you have accepted the Project Network Platform participation agreement. Click to view the participation agreement.

Derslerine Katılan Kişiler

Services Provided by

Smart Plus EU Project Network:

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- Information

- Consultancy

- Seminars

- Workshops

- Question and answer service

- Email announcements

- Creating Collaborations

- Internationalization

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Only institutions and organizations included in the Smart Plus EU Project Network can benefit from the above-mentioned services. These services offered for the institutions and organizations in the project network are free of charge within the scope of preliminary service (basic level information and consultancy, free seminars and workshops, question and answer service, E-Mail Announcements, Creating Collaborations), and detailed service requests are made according to the requested content. and internationalization may be charged additionally.

Smart Plus EU Project Network

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