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Guidance and Orientation

Migrating from one country to another for any purpose is a difficult, stressful and complex process. The uncertainties in this process and in the adaptation process to the new country put people under a lot of stress.

With Smart Plus Consulting , we provide you with guidance and adaptation and orientation support for the country you immigrated from, from the initial idea stage to completing your first year in the country you immigrated from when you move to the European Union for university education, language education or to work or start a business.

  • During the Visa Application and Residence Card Process,

  • Bank and Financial  When You Need the Services,

  • For your lawyer and legal needs,

  • In your home buying or renting processes,

  • For your job search needs,

  • For your training needs,

  • Together with our business partners, we provide guidance and consultancy services for your hobby, activity and social environment needs and many more.

You can contact us for more detailed information.

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